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Quick Facts

Packaging Products That Work

We Carry all of the following and much more!

Stretch Films: We carry a large variety of Cast, Blown and Prestretched Films. 3" Mini-Wrappers to 80" Machine Film and Colored Films.

Pressure Sensitive Tapes: One of the largest tape distributors in the U.S, From Carton Sealing to Electrical, all ready to ship the same day!

Strapping: Steel, Plastic, Polyester, Seals, Dispensers. We Carry the whole line of MIP Industrial StrappingTools, all in stock to ship the same day!

Warehouse Supplies: Large Supplies of Self Seal Mailers to Poly Bags to Bubble Wrap 3/16" to 1/2", call on sizes and availability.

Gloves: Entire line of Boss Gloves, From Insulated Warehouse Gloves to Welders Gloves, we carry them all.

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